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NArrange - organize your code effortlessly

The second thing I do( this is the first ) with a new install of Visual Studio is I head over to  and download the latest version of NArrange.  NArrange is an open source .NET code organizer/formatter/beautifier. After downloading and installing(and noting the folder where the exe is installed) the NArrange setup.msi, I go into my new install of Visual Studio and click on Tools and select External Tools . This opens the External Tools dialogue.  Click Add  and in the Title  field I put "NArrange" and beside the Command  field I click the ... (browse) button and go to the folder where I installed NArrange and select the narrange-console.exe file.  For Arguments  I like to only do one file at a time as I'm working so I set it to $(ItemFileName)$(ItemExt) /b and the Initial directory  to $(ItemDir).  The /b causes a back up of the file before NArrange makes it's changes, this is necessary to do the restore command below. The