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Using WCF with non-microsoft clients

The default wsdl that WCF creates isn't very friendly for human's and other non-microsoft clients to read. To remedy this you can intsall WCFExtras: To use it, in your endpoint declaration add a " behaviorConfiguration " element with a name something like " WsdlRedirect ". Then add an endpointBehaviors declaration something like this:       < behaviors >        < endpointBehaviors >          < behavior name =" WsdlRedirect " >            < wsdlExtensions location =" "                            singleFile =" True " / >          < / behavior >        < / endpointBehaviors >   And add an extension under system.serviceModel like this:      < system.serviceModel >      < extensions >        < behaviorExtensions >          < add name =" wsdlExtensions "    

"An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format.” in IIS 7

Was working on an old website dev region that hadn't been used since we upgraded to IIS 7 and a 64-bit web server, and was getting this error: "An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format."   After some research I found the answer here: The solution that worked for me was to enable 32-bit applications in the AppPool.