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Apple iPad Facebook crash

My wife likes Apple she has an iPhone and she wanted something like the iPhone except a little bigger so she could manage her business social media content easier. So we got her a first generation iPad. It worked great until she went to share a link in Facebook using Safari and it would crash.  The crash log said it was a memory issue.  I did some research and tried the "disable all the iCloud stuff" and the problem continued.  Then I discovered this is a problem that started in Sep 2012 and it even happens with the newer iPad's so it can't be a memory problem. It is a problem with Safari on Facebook. So I tried a bunch of other browser's like Dolphin, and Opera and still the same problem.   Finally was about to start selling her on an Android tablet when didn't I find a fix.  Almost sort of wished I hadn't found a fix because I like Android. It's what I have for my phone. But here it is: the Atomic Lite browser(or pay for the full blown ve