The program has exited with code 4294967295

 I had gotten a new laptop at work and had gotten everything transferred and working except when I tried to debug a web application in Visual Studio it would immediately stop and in the output window I could see the message "The program has exited with code 4294967295".

I searched the internet and most of the solutions involved Docker issues but I wasn't running Docker.

I discovered that I could run it in release mode and then attach a debugger to the process. It was clunky but at least I could debug again.

A couple of weeks later my laptop got a Windows update and then I couldn't launch a browser when clicking on URLs in e-mails or in Teams. Searching for a solution on the web for that suggested looking at my default browser settings. Turns out my default browser was set to Internet Explorer 🤯. I use Edge and Chrome from links on my Windows Taskbar. 

I changed the default browser to Edge and I could launch a browser from URL links again and finally debug a web application in Visual Studio again.


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